i have redux

ok gonna try and sleep now so I can wake up in 5 hours and take my other medicine. I feel horrible. my insides are goop. I hope my pills r breaking my body down from the inside and turning me into a warm bowl of full communism soup


I’ve got terrible diarrhea this morning btw

if there is such a thing as human nature, it’s to look at the tissue after u blow ur nose and see how u did

edwad what about human nature u piece of shit

no one sent me anymore hate what the hell
What news app was that in your screenshot?

breaking news. next question.

i thought that what the ussr had was communism and not socialism? hadn't they passed through the socialism stage before? please educate me

no. communism is global, moneyless, stateless, classless, means of production commonly ownedness, not what the ussr was at all, , , , ,

hello! i dont know anyone else who lives in Alabama, so i'm asking you.. is the Tuscaloosa campus of U. of Alabama nice? Is it worth a visit? Not sure if it's worth the drive to check it out.

ya it’s ok but I’m not sure why ud be lookin to go like… just for a visit or are u lookin to go there or what…. idk alabama has a p good cafeteria though

tfw 2 hours of sleep is a truly terrible feel to feel


I actually haven’t really been in a debate in a while. I hope that by the time I wake up I’ve got some messages asking me about incentives and statelessness and all of the millions of other things I’ve addressed for a year now

nobody’s talking about poverty….. what

Communism is a perfect society. All the poverty and shit these people are talking about is socialism, and no country has reached communism ever.


200 years of theory isn’t going to fall apart because of anonymous messages on a blogging website -___-

its funny how you think youre smart

and if you’re so much smarter then why are you anonymous… you should just completely eviscerate me right here if you think you stand a chance in a debate, but you won’t because you’re hiding from me